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Mr. Sweetman
Director of Technology
(937) 332-6066     [E-mail]
  151 West Staunton Road
Troy, Ohio 45373
(937) 332-3990 - FAX


The Role of Technology at Troy

The mission of the Technology Department is to further the educational and business goals of the district through the use of technology.   The Troy Technology Team works with every department in the district to accomplish these goals.   All Technology decisions take into account their potential impact on not only students, but teachers, administrators, and departments district-wide.

Of all the departments which we serve, our collaboration with Curriculum is unique and crucial. Understanding and being involved in the educational process differentiates this team from many other districts.

Technology never stands still. It has played an increased role in education over the years, and has gone from an optional tool in the classroom to a necessary one. When integrated well, technology should enrich the learning process for our students. It enhances classroom instruction and provides interactive learning experiences in ways that traditional classroom materials cannot.

The Troy Technology Team is committed to going above and beyond to provide a superior level of service.    It is our responsibility to provide real value to the district in terms of working to further district goals, improve technology integration into the educational process, and really step up to work side-by-side with every other department in the district and find out how technology can assist them. As support staff, we are continually working to get ourselves involved where necessary.

Troy’s entire technology environment is managed internally, which is something this team takes pride in.    Anything that needs to be done, we do ourselves.   If we don't know how, then we learn.   Our team installs cabling, SmartBoards, and projectors in classrooms.   We rack servers and network equipment, configure network routers and switches, provision virtual machines, install wireless access points, and upgrade phone system software.   Desktops, Chromebooks, and iPads are managed and deployed with efficiency.    Our department creates custom reports, does data extracts and analysis, and develops databases.   We save the district thousands of dollars every year by accomplishing tasks ourselves.

All of this is possible because we have a team filled with great people!  As director, I can't say enough about my employees - they are passionate and hardworking.  They care about what they do and how they do it, and they know that what we do makes a difference in the education of our students.   Additionally, the support we have from Administration is outstanding.   The unique Curriculum-Technology connection spoke of earlier could not exist without their support.

-Eric Sweetman, Director of Technology.