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Childcare / Alternate Transportation Guidelines

Childcare / open enrollment / shared parenting requests

Childcare transportation requests will be accepted for grades K-5 and preschool only. Shared parenting requests will be accepted for all grades.

The following bus regulations apply to stops at babysitters, other family members, friends, and/or preschool programs.

  • Transportation to baby sitters/alternate addresses will be provided, on a space availability basis, if the babysitter/alternate address is in the same school attendance zone as the student and, if the stop is made on a daily basis. Alternating day sitter stops cannot be honored due to the potential for error that such a situation creates. Thus, daily pick up and/or drop off at the babysitter/alternate address must be requested.
  • Requests for babysitter pick up or delivery must be made to the transportation center, on the Request for Transportation form prior to the change. A new form must be filled out for each school year, regardless of whether the student went to that address the prior year. If there is no form on file, the student will be picked up or delivered to their resident address. PLEASE NOTE: You may have one address for the AM route and a different address for the PM route, but only one address will be accepted for each.
  • The transportation center requires two weeks notice, in writing, for any babysitter/stop changes throughout the school year. Babysitter stops will remain in effect until the requested change is made in writing.
  • Daily phone calls will not be accepted, except in emergency situations, to make a student transportation change.
  • Open enrollment students may be eligible for transportation provided there is room on the bus. These student(s) must get to an established bus stop which transports to the school they will attend. We do not alter bus routes or add additional stops to accommodate any open enrollment students


Childcare Transportation Request Form