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Meningococcal Vaccine for Senior Year

Seniors are required to have the meningococcal vaccine before the start of senior year.

Here are the guidelines for the meningococcal vaccine:

  • Every senior needs at least one meningococcal vaccine
  • If your student has had two meningococcal vaccines, he/she meets the requirement
  • If your student received one meningococcal vaccine before the age of 16 years old, he/she will need a second vaccine to meet the requirement
  • If your student had his/her first meningococcal vaccine after 16 years old, one vaccine will meet the requirement*

*A second booster dose is recommended for everyone, but if over 16 and getting the first vaccine, the school requirement is met.

For questions, please call Mrs. Hoog, School Nurse at 937-332-6448.