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Purpose of Policy
It is the policy of this Board that as the employing authority of all district employees, it needs to be aware of citizen complaints concerning any of its employees. At the same time, it recognizes that its employees have rights of privacy which need to be protected. This is particularly true where allegations concerning a specific employee prove to be unfounded. This Board also recognizes its obligation to conduct public business only in public meetings unless a specific exemption is provided by law, which allows a matter to be discussed in an executive session.

Finally, the Board reaffirms that it is in the best interest of this school district to permit citizens not merely to attend Board meetings but to have input upon decisions of the Board in a constructive and responsible manner. It is the purpose of this policy to balance these various interests in such a manner as to allow this Board to receive input from the public and effectively address complaints about employees while not unnecessarily invading the privacy interests of its employees or the publics' right to be informed as to school district affairs.

Therefore, the following policy is hereby adopted:

  1. Any person, who has a complaint concerning a specific employee, shall first direct it to that employee's immediate supervisor. This ordinarily is the building principal but in cases of doubt, the Personnel Director can be contacted at the Central Office who will direct the complainant to the proper supervisor.
  2. If the issue cannot be resolved at that level, the party next shall contact the district superintendent or his designee who will attempt to resolve the issue.
  3. Both the supervisor and the superintendent will proceed as appropriate to the specific employee in accordance with Section 2.622 of the Professional Negotiations Agreement with the Troy Teachers Association, Article 6 of the negotiated agreement with the Troy City Schools Staff Support Association and Board Policy for non-bargaining unit employees.
  4. It is the policy of this Board not to become involved in complaints concerning employees unless the matter has not been resolved at the building or superintendent level. Any person who has a complaint concerning a specific district employee and who has not followed the steps in this policy will be directed to do so before the matter is brought to the Board Level.
  5. In the event that the first two steps in this policy are not successful in resolving the issue, any person may request to discuss the conduct of a specific employee with the Board. If the Board President determines that a person addressing the Board is making a complaint against a specific public employee, it may, by roll call vote, determine to discuss the complaint in an executive session. This executive session will be held only at a regular or special meeting of the Board and shall not constitute a hearing concerning any employee. The Board shall determine who shall be permitted to attend all or any part of an executive session and this policy shall not be interpreted to give any person including the employee against whom the complaint is made, the right to attend the executive session.
  6. This policy shall not affect any rights of employees provided by any collective bargaining agreement or under the laws of the State of Ohio. It is not intended and shall not be used to limit the opportunity of any citizen to address the Board concerning any district employee. It is intended only as a means of regulating the procedure of addressing complaints concerning specific district employees in a manner that is fair, consistent and respects the privacy of individuals.

R.C. 121.22
R.C. 3313.17