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Board Members

Welcome to the Troy Board of Education.

The Troy Board of Education holds regular meetings once each month.  Regular meetings generally take place on the second Monday of the month.  Special meetings are held as needed.  Meetings are usually held at the Board of Education Office located at 500 N. Market Street, unless a different location is specified under the list of meetings on the right side of this page. 

Upcoming Meetings


Hayner Board Michael Ham
OSBA Legislative Liaison Theresa Packard (Alternate: Sue Borchers)
City Recreation Board Eric Herman (2021-2025); Tom Dunn (2022-2026)
UVCC (Upper Valley Career Center) Joyce Reives (12/31/23); Levi Fox (12/31/25)
Troy Foundation Selection Committee Craig Wise (5-year team) 2021-2025 (12/31/25)

Board Members

  • Susan Borchers
  • Doug Trostle
  • Michael Ham
  • Levi Fox
  • Theresa Packard