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Questions for the 2020-21 school year



The COVID-19 Pandemic caught us all by surprise and we all had to adapt. At Troy City Schools, we worked quickly to provide online learning opportunities for our students. We knew that our first priorities were to keep students engaged and connected with school, and that has remained our primary focus as we've finished the school year.


We don't yet know if school will reopen in the fall or, if it does, what that will look like. The Ohio Department of Education is developing a planning guide that will include considerations such as:

  • Continuing social distancing in an educational setting

  • Increased cleaning and sanitizing

  • Use of personal protective equipment (masks & gloves)

  • Daily health assessments

  • Closing again in the event of an outbreak

  • Blended learning models (in person and online)

We are being advised that we may have to operate in different modes at different times, with minimal advanced notice. In doing so, we will continue to work with Miami County Public Health in accordance with state guidelines. We are working hard to develop plans for different scenarios, and once we know how and when we will open, we will share those plans with all of our stakeholders.



Although we will work diligently next school year to keep our students and staff safe, we know  that there may be some who will continue to have concerns about sending their children back to school. Because of that, we are considering an option to continue to provide full time online learning.


We have learned much from our recent efforts and one of the things we realize is that while we need to keep students engaged and connected, we also need to provide instruction and learning opportunities that cover the full spectrum of the curriculum. We know that classroom learning is more effective, but this online experience needs to be as equivalent as possible for those parents who choose this option for their children.


If you are interested in having your child continue with full time online learning next year, please take just a moment to fill out the survey below. This data will help us develop plans for a safe return to learning next school year. Please complete the survey by Monday, June 1st.


Please complete the survey link by Monday, June 1st -


Thank you and GO TROJANS!


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