1st Grade GATE  
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Up to 20 students in our district identified as gifted in either cognitive, or math/reading.  Our first grade class meets once a week at Van Cleve School (students are bussed to and from their home schools on a rotating schedule).

2018/19 UNITS:

PETS (primary education thinking skills)

The Three Little Pigs & The Scientific Wolf

Eight Cinderellas Around the World

  • Peace Poem

    1st Grade Peace Poem

    (mentor text: Peace is an Offering By: Annette Le Box)


    Peace is an offering

    A book or new shoes


    Playing a video game

    Spreading good news


    Peace is gratitude for fluffy things

    My bed at night, and a baby bird’s wings


    A trip to the pool, a bike ride for ice cream

    Playing board games, supporting our team


    Peace is holding onto one another

    Peace is the words you say to a mother


    What is for lunch?

    Can we go to the zoo?

    Do you love me a bunch?

    Can I read to you?


    Will you leave me cheerful notes?

    Will you calm my fears?

    Will you give me hugs

    To dry away my tears?


    You might find peace while reading a book before nap

    Or cuddling up to watch a movie on mom’s lap


    Peace helps us come together

    Even in bad weather


    It’s when I fall down

    And a friend helps me up


    It’s when I’m feeling sad

    And then I snuggle with my pup


    Helping to look for something that is lost


    Offer a stuffed animal to hug tight

    Maybe even keep it all through the night


    Learn something new

    Visit someone who is far


    May peace walk beside you

    Wherever you are


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