Library Information
Library Hours: 7:15 to 3:30-ish Monday - Friday
Borrowing Materials:  The library circulates fiction and nonfiction books for three weeks.  Students can check out as many items as they want.  Reference materials are limited to three day checkouts.

Library Access:  The library is available before and after school, during study hall, and during lunch.  Additionally, teachers will reserve library time for classes as a whole.  Students wishing to use the library during their study hall are encouraged to sign in and reserve their spot as soon as possible.

Policies: The library media center serves as a resource for all students and staff at Troy High School.  In order to to maintain an academic atmosphere, it is necessary to have guidelines in place for behavior and procedures.  The THS library media center has the following rules and procedures:

*Students are not permitted to bring food into the library. Drinks should not be near computer workstations.

Students must have something to do i.e. reading, homework, class projects.

*Computers are available for academic pursuits only.  Students are expected to adhere to the district technology policy.