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Chromebook Insurance

A limited insurance plan is included as part of school fees for ALL Troy owned student Chromebooks.  No application or enrollment is required.  The plan will only cover two (2) incidences per school year for the Chromebook itself, and one (1) charger incident per school year, with a total for all covered incidents limited to a maximum of $200 in repairs.  Any costs above and beyond these allowed incidences and/or the $200 limit will be the responsibility of the student/parent.

The charger is NOT covered and is the sole responsibility of the student/parent.  

Coverage is 24 hours per day. 

Damage(s) due to intentional, reckless, willful, wanton and/or malicious conduct is not covered. The building administration and/or technology department will determine if damages are accidental or due to negligence.

Lost devices will not be covered by the plan. 

Stolen devices will be covered by plan as long as the parent/guardian submits to the school district a filed police report for the stolen device.