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The last meeting of the LPDC will be held the first Thursday in June. This will allow staff members to submit their application for licensure renewals and receive the new license from ODE before the start of the new school year. The next meeting will not take place until after the start of the new school year.


Name   Building  Phone  E-mail
Mark Barhorst Co-Chair BOE  x6003  barhorst-m@troy.k12.oh.us
Nichole Bertke Co-Chair JH  x6334  bertke-n@troy.k12.oh.us
Courtney Carpenter   Forest  x5913  carpenter-c@troy.k12.oh.us
Jeffrey Greulich   JH x6051  greulich-j@troy.k12.oh.us
Kelly Henderson Secretary BOE  x6015


Eric Helman   HS x6246  helman-e@troy.k12.oh.us
Ben Ayers   Forest  x6747 ayers-b@troy.k12.oh.us
Sharon Lindsey   Concord  x6423  lindsey-s@troy.k12.oh.us
Michael Rasey   HS  x6211  rasey-m@troy.k12.oh.us
Sharon Siegel   Kyle  x6807  siegel-s@troy.k12.oh.us

The following sections are the guidelines set forth by the LPDC of the requirements for Certified Staff holding a certificate or license. Included is a summary of individual's responsibilities, timeline for transitions to licensure, and required forms to be completed by the individual and submitted to the LPDC throughout the process.

In 1996, Ohio’s General Assembly authorized the establishment of Local Professional Development Committees (LPDCs) and mandated that such be established in every school district and chartered nonpublic school by September 1998. The Troy City Schools Local Professional Development Committee (TLPDC) provides certified and licensed educators with the opportunity to design their own professional development. This professional development should be focused on the success of the Troy City Schools as well as the maintenance of appropriate certification and licensure.

The following materials should help guide your process as you work with the LPDC to engage in professional growth. Information includes:

  • Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) submission forms (must be typed);
  • Submission procedures for IPDPs and professional development activities;
  • Calendar of LPDC meetings; and
  • LPDC member contact information.

The TLPDC takes seriously its role to increase the effectiveness of the Troy City Schools as well as to serve individual staff members in meeting continuing licensure requirements.

TLPDC Responsibility

  • Educate and assist all certificated/licensed educators.
  • Know and communicate the goals of the Troy City School District.
  • Know the current law, licensure standards and policies regarding LPDC responsibilities for licensure renewal.
  • Approve educators’ coursework and other professional development activities to meet the certification/licensure renewal standards.
  • Establish and abide by the procedures, criteria and timelines of the LPDC.
  • Register the LPDC with the Ohio Department of Education annually.
  • Submit LPDC signature verification to the Ohio Department of Education annually.

Educator’s Responsibility
It is the responsibility of the licensed staff member to:

  • Monitor the expiration date(s) of certificates/licenses.
  • Choose coursework and other professional development activities that reflect the following:  {references are on the right}
    • principles, mission and goals of the district, building, and individual or
    • Teacher Standards
    • Principal Standards
  • Select Equivalent Other Activities (EOA) in accordance with the goals of the approved IPDP. Coursework and traditional workshops/seminars do not need to be pre-approved, but must meet the licensure standards and the IPDP goals. Coursework or professional development activities completed prior to the approval of the IPDP will not be accepted.
  • Fully complete the goals of the IPDP in a timely manner as stated in the proposal. If modifications to the activity/project or the IPDP itself are to be made, these modifications should be submitted for approval to the LPDC chairperson(s) at least one (1) week before the next regularly scheduled LPDC meeting.
  • Follow the procedures, criteria and timelines of the LPDC.
  • Maintain records of all licensure and LPDC transactions, particularly the LPDC review and approval of an IPDP, coursework and other professional development activities.

The LPDC shall accept LPDC approved professional development credits earned prior to employment with TCS for any new staff member from a local school district or agency as fulfilling all necessary requirements of the TCS renewal process. Work already completed and approved in the previous position shall be honored. Remaining work shall be acquired using the guidelines of the TLPDC with resubmission of an IPDP on TLPDC forms to be completed as soon as possible after beginning work in the district.

If you were hired by TCS from a school entity with an LPDC, you need to have your former LPDC complete their “Approval Verification Form for Educators Leaving a LPDC” form (see right column). This form will outline the work you have completed and support the reciprocity agreement between LPDCs.

Individual Professional Development Plan
You must develop a plan and earn at least 6 semester hours, 9 quarter hours, 18 CEU’s or 180 contact hours or a combination thereof.

Your Individual Professional Development Plans (IPDP) must reflect the goals of the district and building in addition to your individual goals.

  • It is recommended that within 5 weeks after the issuance of a certificate or license or beginning employment at TCS, employees who hold Ohio education certificates or licenses should complete an Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP).
  • Submit your IPDP electronically to all LPDC committee members at least one week prior to the next LPDC meeting.
  • LPDC agendas will be posted on our website.  Your notification of the action of the LPDC committee will posted on our website as minutes.

What other items are submitted with my plan?

  1. Cover sheet & Rationale (see right column) –  general information & where you explain how your plan aligns with the Teacher Standard/s you have selected.
  2. A copy of your license for which the plan is written should be scanned and emailed to all committee members also.

Individual Professional Development Plan Sequence

1.  Initial IPDP - (see above)

2.  Mid-term Review: Once your plan is approved, the committee will set a midterm review date.  Please make note of this date.   It will be your responsibility to update the committee on the progress of your plan. You should send an email to the LPDC committee members, with the update information one week prior to the meeting date of your midterm review.  You may also attend the LPDC meeting to discuss the progress of your plan if you feel it is necessary.

3.  Final Review: At the conclusion of your mid-term review, the committee will set a final review date.  Please make note of this date.  One week prior to this meeting the staff member will present all of the documentation needed to support the completion of the plan.   This will be done by scanning and emailing all LPDC committee members the documentation.  The educator will attend the final meeting at the time preceeding his/her name on the agenda.  If approved, the chairman of the committee will sign off on the renewal application form and give the educator this form to give to HR to send in with his/her check for renewal of the license.

Equivalent Other Activities
Many teachers have completed coursework and are now looking for other opportunities for professional development. Teachers may submit a proposal for an activity that relates to their growth as a teacher but does not follow a formal process such as a semester hour, a CEU, or already approved contact hour activity. Teachers may design their own professional activities and submit a proposal that details the goals and the amount of time that will be spent to reach the goals.

For a complete list, reference document on right

An Educator may propose a professional development Equivalent Other Activity not listed above, subject to LPDC approval prior to starting the activity.  Use "Proposal for Equivalent Other Activity" form on the right.

CEU's / Contact Hours
Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are a means of documenting the completion of continuing education programs and may be used to renew certificates and licenses issued by the Ohio Department of Education. A CEU is defined as ten contact hours in a professional development program approved by the local professional development committee. Because the Ohio Department of Education is no longer a CEU provider, the LPDC will have the responsibility of assigning CEUs to proposed seminars, workshops, and professional activities.

Things to remember about CEUs and Contact Hours:

  • CEUs or Contact Hours will be offered by the LPDC for all workshops sponsored by the Troy City Schools.
  • It will be the individual's responsibility to provide the LPDC with the proper verification from the provider of workshops sponsored outside of Troy Schools.
  • It will be the individual educator's responsibility to keep track of CEUs or Contact Hours earned.  Complete "Document Record" form in right column.
  • Conversions:  {See "Conversion Chart" on the right.}
    • 1 semester hour = 3 CEUs
    • 1 quarter hour = 2 CEUs
    • 1 hour workshop = 0.1 CEUs
    • 1 CEU = 10 Contact Hours
  • In order for CEUs to be applied toward license renewal, the CEU must relate directly to the individual educator's IPDP.

BOE - Board of Education
CEU - Continuing Education Unit (issued by state through June 1998)
CCIP – Consolidated Continuous Improvement Plan
EOA – Equivalent Other Activity
IPDP - Individual Professional Development Plan
LPDC - Local Professional Development Committee
NASD - National Association of Staff Development
NCATE - National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education
ODE - Ohio Department of Education
TCEA - Troy City Education Association
TLPDC - Troy Local Professional Development Committee