Dear Parents:

The Heywood PTO meets once a month. These meetings are open to all parents and guardians who have students at Heywood. Parental involvement is extremely important. The following is a list of areas of PTO involvement:

President – Chairs the monthly meetings. Assists with fundraising and serves on other committees as needed.

Vice President – Delegates responsibility for the following areas: room mother/father program

Treasurer – Handles finances of the PTO

Secretary – Takes minutes of monthly meetings, handles correspondence of PTO and serves on other committeesas needed

Fundraising Chairperson: This person works with the President to organize fundraising opportunities for the schoolyear.

Committee Chairperson: – People interested in serving on the numerous committees needed for the fundraiser.

If the responsibility of holding a PTO office seems too much, please consider attending the monthly meetings orvolunteering to be part of a committee. Please don’t hesitate to call any current member (listed below) if you have any questions.

Heather Goodwin, President: 552-9667
Sara Poland, Co-Vice President: 479-0126
Rachel Dye, Secretary: 552-7358
Anna Rossiter, Treasurer: 520-8545

Heather Fremont, Fundraiser Chairperson: (419) 889-5832
Michelle Fong, Director of Communication: 216-0742

Mr. Maurice Sadler, Principal: 332-6750
Mrs. Moore, Teacher: 332-6750

Heywood PTO is an organization of parents with a common interest of supporting our school and children through volunteering of our time and talents. Every parent with a child that attends Heywood School is considered a member of this organization.  You can follow the Heywood PTO on Facebook to be in the know about upcoming PTO events.