Team 8-1

Welcome to Team 8-1!

Mr. Rasey - Science                           webpage    email
Ms. Mohler - Math                        webpage     email
Mrs. Karnehm - Language Arts             webpage     email
Mrs. Schenck - Social Studies            webpage     email
Mrs. Cantrell -  8th Grade Art                              email
***2014-2015 OMLA Regional Award Winners***


Text Reminders for Assignments

1.  Get your phone set up to send a text

2.  In the "To" box, type 81010

3.  Science - "To" 81010,  message - "@mrrasey"

4.  Social Studies - "To" 81010,  message - "@schenck8"

5.  8th Grade Math - "To" 81010, message - "@msmohler1"

6.  Algebra - "To" 81010, message "@msmohler3"

7.  Language Arts - "To" 81010, message - "@karnehm8-1"




General Team 8-1 Classroom Guidelines

*Specific Teacher Classroom Management Plans are provided by each teacher 

Behavioral Expectations

  1. Enter room and promptly sit down in your seat.
  2. Be prepared for class - have required materials (sharpened pencils, notebook, book, paper, homework, etc.).
  3. Students shall show respect for all people at all times.
  4. No hall passes-except for emergencies.
  5. Follow directions first time given
  6. Follow all school handbook guidelines for rules and procedures.


1.  Verbal warning

2. 10 minute lunch detention

3. 7:15 am before school detention with parental contact ( call, email, note home)

4.  Office referral with parental contact (call, email, note home)


1.  Verbal praise/Happy calls

2.  Trojan Way Tickets

3. Free Time

4.  Games

Debate Clause

Any student who refuses any consequence administered by a teacher in accordance with this plan, or who argues with the teacher during the regular class period, will be subject to the next level of discipline


Severe Clause

Any habitual disruption or severe disruption is subject to a consequence beyond the first level, depending upon the nature and severity of the disruption, at the teacher’s discretion.                     


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