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Frequently Asked Questions for the 2020-21 School Year


Since we announced our play to start the 2020-21 school year. we have received many questions from families. Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions we've received:

When will school start?

The first day of school for students will be Sept. 8. The last day of school will be May 27. The later start to the school year allows our teachers more time to prepare for online and blended learning. It also allows us to skip over the last half of August, which often is the hottest part of the year in our buildings, only one of which will have air conditioning. 

As a result of the late start, we will not have calamity days this year. Any day that would normally be a calamity day due to inclement weather will now become an online learning day for all students. 

The full calendar for the 2020-21 school year can be found HERE 

What will be the model for students attending school in 2020-21?

We will follow the state-wide COVID spread levels system set forth by Governor Mike DeWine. Here’s what that means for our students who choose in-person learning:

  • Levels 1, 2 (Yellow and Orange): Students will attend school in person five days per week, while maintaining proper safety protocols, such as social distancing, the wearing of face masks and increased hand washing/sanitizing.

  • Level 3 (Red): Students will go to a “blended” classroom model. Half of our students (Red Group) will attend school in person on Mondays and Tuesdays, while the other half (Gray Group) will have online learning. On Thursdays and Fridays, the two groups will switch, as Gray Group attends in-person learning and Red Group attends online learning. On Wednesdays, both groups will have online learning. 

  • Level 4 (Purple): All students will have online learning.

What equipment will students use for online learning?

The district will be loaning Chromebooks to every student in the district this year, whether they choose online or in-person learning. Students who attend in-person learning will be expected to transport the Chromebooks to and from school on a daily basis. 

What is the policy regarding face masks during in-person learning?

Per a state order, students in grades K-12 will be required to wear face masks on buses, in common areas (such as hallways) and in classrooms when 6 feet of social distancing cannot be achieved.

When 6 feet of social distancing can be achieved, students will not be required to wear a face mask. 

A student with written documentation from a medical professional stating he or she cannot wear a face mask due to health concerns will not have to wear a face mask.  

All school staff members must wear face coverings unless it is unsafe to do so or where doing so would significantly interfere with the learning process. 

If a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, what will be the quarantine procedures?

Should a student or staff member test positive for COVID-19, Miami County Public Health will then determine what the quarantine procedures are. At this point, it would be out of the district’s hands and Miami County Health would have the final say. The Miami County Public Health website can be found HERE

Will Troy City Schools still provide services for gifted students, students on IEPs and ELL students?

It is our goal and our duty to provide educational services to ALL of our students. Again, they may not look exactly the same as they have in the past, we will provide services for our gifted, IEP and ELL students, whether it be in person or online. 

Will the school provide transportation to and from school?

We are asking parents and families to work with us regarding school transportation. Because of social distancing, we cannot have more than two students per seat on buses. Therefore, our buses will be able to transport fewer students at a time.

If a parent is able to transport their child to school, we are asking that they do so. If they are not able to and live outside the 1-mile radius, we will transport their children to school.

All students will be required to wear face masks while on Troy City Schools buses. 

What about lunch and recess?

We will still feed students lunch and elementary students will still have recess. Those will have to be as socially distanced as possible, however. We are still working on a plan for lunch and recess. For lunch, this plan may involve using other areas of our building to allow students more room to social distance while eating. 

Any student who qualifies for a free lunch will continue to do so if they choose online learning or if the district is forced to go to a blended or all online method. These will be “grab-and-go” lunches the students will pick up at designated locations. 

Will you still have “extras” such as gym, music and physical education?

We will continue to offer these classes for students. Like all of our other classes, these will look different than they have in years past, with a continued emphasis on social distancing, along with increased sanitation procedures.

What about extracurricular activities?

So long as we feel it is safe to do so, and so long as associations such as the Ohio High School Athletic Association, Ohio Music Educators Association, etc. allow it, we plan to offer extracurricular activities to our students. 

How can I learn more about the upcoming year?

Please visit our WEBSITE, which provides an informational VIDEO, the SLIDESHOW from the video and the complete BLUEPRINT for returning to school. 

Also, you can view a pair of Q&A virtual videos from Superintendent Chris Piper HERE


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