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Washington D.C.

The Washington D.C. and Gettysburg trip at the end of the school year is something the student look forward to for a very long time.  In order to prepare them for the big trip, each student will be presenting a project on a major site from D.C.

The Friday before each project is due, I will meet with the students to make sure the information they have found is accurate and go over any other questions they might have.

Attached are documents given to the students and parents to better describe the topic and the dates that all the topics are due.

bullet Parent Letter sent home with the students at the beginning of the year.
bullet How to use Power Point tips and suggestions.
bullet Each student is given a worksheet to complete on their topic in order to know what basic information needs to be taught to the class.  Anything beyond will earn a better grade.


Declaration of Independence              September 18, 2013

Flag History and Rituals                   September 25, 2013

Branches of the Military                          October 2, 2013

Marine Corps Museum                            October 2, 2013

The White House                                      October 9, 2013

The Capitol Building                              October 16, 2013

Supreme Court                                        October 23, 2013

Washington Monument                         October 23, 2013

Mount Vernon                                       October 30, 2013

Washington Cathedral                          November 6, 2013

Jefferson Memorial                             November 13, 2013

Gettysburg                                        November 20, 2013

Ford’s Theater                                     December 4, 2013

Lincoln Memorial                                 December 4, 2013

Holocaust Memorial Museum            December 11, 2013

Iwo Jima                                            December 11, 2013

Korean Memorial                              December 18, 2013

Vietnam Memorial                                   January 8, 2014

Arlington/Tomb of the Unknown Soldier       January 15. 2014

National Archives                                   January 22, 2014

Air Force Memorial                               January 29, 2014

Smithsonian Institute                             February 5, 2014

Pentagon                                                February 12, 2014

WWII Memorial                                   February 19, 2014

FDR Memorial                                    February 26,. 2014

MLK Memorial                                          March 5, 2014

Bureau of Engraving and Printing            March 12, 2014

The Kennedy Center                                 March 19, 2014


Here are some helpful websites to find information on the different topics.

The National Archives Experience

Important historical government documents

Arlington National Cemetery
National website concerning facts about Arlington Cemetery
The Smithsonian
Online resources from the Smithsonian Institution
Enchanted Learning-Washington Monument
Information on the Washington Monument that students can
utilize with their PowerPoint
Smithsonian Education
Activities for teachers and students concerning the Smithsonian Museums
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Information for teachers and students concerning the Holocaust
Washington D.C. Sightseeing
List of all museums and monuments with explanations
D.C. City Pages: History of the National Mall
Major displays from each of the buildings and monuments
Welcome to Washington: District of Columbia
Virtual tour of the city
D.C. Pages.Com
Timeline of historical events
The White House
Online tours and history of the White House
Military Monuments and Memorials of Washington D.C.
Pictures and descriptions of the military monuments and memorials
U.S military general information
U.S Navy website
How a bill becomes a law
National Marine Corps Museum