Powerpoint Tips
                Throughout the year, you will see me use PowerPoint numerous times to teach different concepts to you. PowerPoint is fun, visual, animated and more interactive. It allows you to teach material more thoroughly because you can add in pictures, videos and sounds from the internet that would be impossible to glue onto a poster board. I want you all to try it! Because of this I’ve created a guide to help you teach yourself how to use this helpful tool. Keep in mind that most times you just have to get in and fiddle with a program to really learn all the things you can do with it, but this will walk you through the basics. Have fun and enjoy!
  1. Click on Start in the bottom left hand corner of your screen. Go up to Programs, and then select Microsoft PowerPoint.
  1. A screen will pop up asking you to select one of three choices to create a PowerPoint. Leave the dot filled in that says “Blank Presentation,” then click OK at the bottom.
  1. Choose your first page’s layout by clicking on it to make it outlined in blue, and then click OK.
  1. Click inside the “Click to Insert Title Box.” Type in your title.
  1. Click in the bottom box. Type in the author (Example= “By: Your name”)
  1. To insert a new slide go to “Insert” up top, and then select “New Slide.”
  1. A screen will pop up asking you to choose an Auto layout for your second slide. Choose and then click OK.
  1. Insert your information just as you did on your first slide.
  1. To make your slides have a background, go to “Format” up top. Click on “Apply Design Template,” and then choose one of the templates by clicking on it once and then clicking “Apply” at the bottom.  
  1. Another option for making your slides have a background is to go to “Format” up top. Click on “Background” and then you can choose a color that you can fill your background as or click on “Fill Effects” instead of choosing colors and you can make polka dotted or striped designs for your background.
  1. To make your slides have transitions, click on “Slide Show” up top and then select “Slide Transition.” From there you can choose the transition you want and the speed. I suggest medium speed and maybe selecting random transition. This will change what transition is used automatically throughout your show.
  1. To make your slides have sound, and to have text come flying into the PowerPoint, go to “Slideshow” and then select “Custom Animation.”
  1. To save your PowerPoint, go to “File” up top and click on “Save As.”   In the scroll down bar, select “Students on trvc1.”   Then find your homeroom class and double-click on it. Then find your name and double-click on that. Then name your PP and hit “Save.”