Web tools/"know-how"
Here you will find different web tools you can use to create projects, help you study, explore a topic further, etc.  This list will grow throughout the year!

photopeach.com/  -creative presentation tool (photo based)

www.mindomo.com/ -video presentation tool (photos and music)

popplet.com/ -web based "bulletin board" great for presentations

edu.glogster.com/ - presentation tool with video, photo, text, graphics, and audio!

figment.com/ -a place to publish your great work and explore

www.zotero.org/ -great tool to collect and share research with group members

quizlet.com/5232436/oaa-language-arts-terms-flash-cards/  -online flash cards with OAA terms-START EARLY!

Email etiquette:
Throughtout  the year you will email your teachers and classmates.  It is important that these be well written.  Here are a few tips and examples.

1. always address the person you are emailing
2. use proper grammar, capitalization, and punctuation (this is not a text!)
3. keep emails brief and to the point
4. always say "thank you"!

Here are a couple examples:

Example 1:

i dont understand the homework.  what should i do?


Example 2:
what's up,
I really need help on this homework get back to me as soon as possible. kbye.


Example 3:
I AM FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don't understand the homework, my computer is running slow, and I am going to scream if you don't help me ASAP!


Example 4:
Hi Mrs. Parris,

I need help with the homework from today.  It was confusing.


Example 5:
Hi Mrs. Parris,

I am emailing you about the assignment on Anne Frank from today.  I am a little confused on what exactly you want in the written response section.  Would you mind helping me with this?  Thank you for your time.