5th Grade - B  
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*MATH QUEST:  "The lessons introduce six problem-solving strategies that students use to earn travel dots and accumulate gold to speed their teams through Numberland, Sportsland, Fantasyland, and Dinosaurland. As they pass through power levels to ultimately become Einsteinians, teams face challenges posed by Fate Cards that test their preparation and ingenuity.  Students work individually and in cooperative teams."

*COMING TO AMERICA:  "Students will experience Social Studies firsthand and enhance literacy as they role-play European immigrants setting sail for America in 1900. They use Common Core standards to examine primary sources to identify reasons people left their homes in Europe and explore the conditions of life on a steamship. Students are involved in hands-on Social Studies activities that deepen critical-thinking skills as they create passports and identify with the fear of being detained or deported during the immigration process in Ellis Island in the unit's critical incident."

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