Welcome to the Troy City Schools Strategic Plan for the 21st Century. The reason any organization creates a strategic plan is to clearly define its mission, beliefs, and goals, and to develop strategies that, when implemented, will improve that organization.

For such a plan to be successful, however, it must remain a work-in-progress. This plan is not a finished product, and it will not be filed away only to be revisited occasionally. It acts as our blueprint for improving the Troy City Schools, and it guides us in making the decisions that will shape the future of this district.

It was not created in a vacuum. Hundreds of staff and community members, parents, and students provided feedback from which the mission statement, beliefs, goals, and strategies were developed. This ensures that the Troy City School District reflects the values of the Troy community.

As you will see, the physical, fiscal, instructional, communication, and community partnership needs of the Troy City Schools are addressed in this document. By working hard to achieve these goals, our schools will continue to be an educational system of which all Trojans can be proud.



  • WE BELIEVE  all students can learn.

  • WE BELIEVE  students must take an active role in their education.

  • WE BELIEVE  in promoting and respecting the dignity and worth of each individual.

  • WE BELIEVE  in providing a safe environment.

  • WE BELIEVE  a quality, caring, and dedicated staff is crucial to student performance.

  • WE BELIEVE  up-to-date technology must be provided to allow students and staff to succeed.

  • WE BELIEVE  educational programs must be diverse to meet the needs of all learners.

  • WE BELIEVE  class size and building population must be maintained at a level that will efficiently utilize the human and fiscal resources of the school district.

  • WE BELIEVE  learning occurs in a disciplined environment where students are held accountable for their actions.

  • WE BELIEVE  education requires a willing investment of financial resources at the local, state, and federal levels.

  • WE BELIEVE  appropriate and well-maintained facilities promote a productive learning environment.

  • WE BELIEVE  the home, community, business, and schools must actively work together to prepare our students to be productive and responsible citizens.

  • WE BELIEVE  the organizational structure should be effective and efficient to foster quality education.

  • WE BELIEVE  in educating students to adapt to an ever-changing global society.

  • WE BELIEVE  learning is a life-long experience.


The Troy City Schools will:

  • promote, facilitate, and expand its partnerships among students, parents, staff, and community.

  • strive to be an excellent school district while providing a diverse instructional program to promote high achievement and prepare students to be lifelong learners.

  • efficiently manage the school's budget while providing quality educational programs for our students.

  • continually evaluate, maintain, and upgrade its facilities and utilize them effectively and efficiently.