THS Clubs and Organizations

Club/Organization Description When to Join Grades   Contact Person & Room Number
Academic Quiz Team Students compete against other schools by using academic skills October/November 9-12

Mr. Becker   (Rm. 180)

Annual Production of Yearbook Schedule this class 11-12

Mr. Owen  (Rm. 105)

American Sign Language Club

Students are able to become more aware of Deaf culture and support local Deaf community through meetings, games, etc.

Sept. - May 9 - 12

Mrs. Karen Husa (Rm. 271)

Jamie Szabo

Archery Club competitions shooting arrows at targets

Information available

in the fall


Tim Anderson   339-4455

ASTRA Leadership service organization for Spring 10-12 Ms. Anderson
  female students associated with Altrusa Service Club   Girls
BOOKAHOLICS ANONYMOUS Students meet in the library twice a month to discuss, eat and chat about books

Fall --- or anytime

a new book is chosen

9-12 Mrs. Fultz (library)
Business Club preparing students for business careers September 9-12

Mr. Wibbeler (Rm. 260)

Great Outdoors Club learning the basics of fishing, hunting, safety, conservation and various recreational activities September  9-12

Mr. Gibbons - Guidance Counselor


Family Career Community Leaders of America

Provide opportunities for self-development and preparation for family and community 

Enroll in a Family and

Consumer Science Class


Mrs. Kies (257)

Mrs. McKenna (261)


Service and social organization sponsored by Troy Rotary Club.  Interact's goal is to make Troy and the surrounding communities a better place.  

Throughout the year



Mr. Frigge and Mr. Behm (258)

Junior Cabinet

To engage Juniors by building a rapport with class & building.  Responsible for the planning of prom.

Elections for office in the

spring Sophomore year.  

11 Mr. Becker (180)
Key Club All school leadership service organization that promotes and fosters a civic responsibility to our community. Associated with the Kiwanis Club. Throughout the year 9-12

Mrs. Ernsthausen (Rm. 265)

Latin Club Learn and enjoy Latin and Roman culture September 9-12

Mrs. Limke  (250)

Math Club Math contests, tutoring and contests with other high schools Throughout the year 9-12

Mrs. Lehmkuhl  (174)

Musical Students enjoying drama and music combine to perform traditional Broadway musicals.

must audition for a part,

musical is performed in the spring


Mrs. Strope trope-s@troy.k12.oh.uss. Strope  (121)

Mr. Strope

National Honor Society To create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, promote leadership, develop character for students at THS.

Selection of students

begins January of

sophomore year based

on GPA, extra curriculars,

volunteerism and character

10-12 Mr. Rasey  (140)
Newspaper Production of Troy High School's monthly newspaper The Trojan Tempo Schedule this class 10-12

Mr. Owen (105)

Senior Cabinet To promote class unity and to foster school spirit and help contribute to the community

Elections for office

in the spring of Junior year


Msiss Phelps (230)

Spanish Club A social club with Spanish related activities, food, games and fun Throughout the year 9-12

Mrs. Clark (272)

Mrs. Capparelli

Student Government Leadership organization that encourages student involvement to help provide ideas for betterment of school environment All meetings open to all  9-12

Mr. Becker  (180)

Miss Phelps

Thespians/Drama Club Students involved with and learning all aspects of Drama Productions Throughout the year 9-12

Mrs. Imboden  (187)

Xtreme Bots Students interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) will be given opportunities to design and build robots for competition September 9-12 Mr. Orsborne (132) orsborne-j@troy,