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Dads' Breakfast

Dads' Breakfast

Every year the Heywood PTO works with Heywood School to sponsor and host family breakfast for Grandparents, Fathers, and Mothers.  These family breakfasts are always one of the highlights of the year.  This year the Dads' Breakfast was faced with the possibility of cancellation for the first time in recent school history.  And unexpected Winter Weather event struck on Friday March 1st, and left some of the roads in the school district covered with dangerous patches of ice.  When the decision to cancel school was made, there was a concern from eh PTO president and the school principal over what to do for the event.  The doughnuts had already been made, packaged, and purchased.  Many dads had already taken the day off for the event, and many students who had planned to make last minute purchases on the last day of the book fair were disappointed.  In the end, thanks to the dedication, hard work, and quick thinking by many, the Dads' Breakfast was able to continue as planned.  Although it was a perfect event, involving some disappointed families, it was an overall successful event.

Tornado Season

March begins the time of year in which our school will start having tornado drills.  We like to prepare the children so that they know what to do in the event of a real tornado warning.

During drills, an announcement will be made announcing the drill.  Students and staff members proceed to the basement (lower level of the building).  Once they are there, they crouch down on their knees along the walls with their heads tucked and hands placed on the back of their heads to protect their heads.  In the event of a real tornado warning, staff and students follow the same procedure.

Heywood Communications

Heywood Sign - the sign in the front yard at the corner of Ridge and McKaig is used to inform parents of upcoming events.  We have a parent volunteer that keeps it up to date for us.

Class Dojo  - used to communicate to parents throughout the day.  Parents can also communicate with the teachers and principal through Class Dojo.

School Website - the website has important information posted to it.  Just go to  Once there, you can then choose Heywood school.  

Facebook - follow Heywood on Facebook : Heywood Elementary School

Twitter - follow on Twitter @Heywood_TCS

State testing for Grades 3, 4, & 5.

State achievement tests tell us how well our students are growing in the knowledge and skills outlined in Ohio’s Learning Standards.  These tests help guide and strengthen future teaching so we can be sure that we are preparing our students for long-term success in school, college, careers and life.  Test results also allow citizens to know how their local schools are performing compared to others around the state.


Which tests will be given for what grade level?




Language Arts



Grade 3




Grade 4




Grade 5




Student Safety

We practice…..

    Fire Drills

    Tornado Drills

    Behavior Expectations


What to do if there is a bad person in the school?



    Or Fight

Decided by what is most effective for each circumstance.


It is important that if you hear something or see something, you must say something!


Second Step:  Social Emotional Learning Curriculum

The Second Step program is designed to teach children how to understand and manage their emotions, control their reactions, be aware of others feelings and have the skills to problem-solve and make responsible decisions.


This year Mrs. Williams, our school counselor, has been working with select grade levels to introduce the Second Step curriculum and focus on the following strategies:


1. Skills for Learning

2. Empathy

3. How to Calm Down

4. Problem Solving

5. and Fair Ways To Play


Feel free to reach out to Mrs. Williams, if you want to know more about the Second Step program.


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